“Rock-Star” Volunteer Judi Heroux

We love reading about extraordinary volunteers, and we really enjoyed reading about Washington State’s volunteer of the year, Judi Heroux. This comes to us from the Washington State CASA blog, The CASA Comment.

The Gloria Panitch Memorial Children’s Fund was established in 1997 when WaCASA board member Allan Panitch created an endowment with Washington State CASA in memory of his wife, Gloria. The Panitch endowment is dedicated to the Gloria Panitch Volunteer of the Year Award: an annual award that honors a Washington State CASA/GAL volunteer who has provided exceptional advocacy and who has worked tirelessly to resolve a child’s case.

Rock Star Volunteer Judi Heroux

Judi Heroux, WA State Volunteer of the Year

The extraordinary winner of the 2010 Gloria Panitch Volunteer of the Year is Judi Heroux of Ferry County CASA— congratulations Judi!!! Judi is utterly devoted to the best interest of children and the safety of families, and is committed to her community and to the CASA program. As a kind, strong, and considerate advocate for the children she works with, Judi is always willing to work through diversity and adversity, both in her cases and in her personal life.

Recently, Judi had a medical problem that forced her into two months of complete isolation in a hospital room. Instead of focusing on her own misfortune, however, Judi accessed her superwoman strength to continue advocating for her CASA child throughout the whole process, contacting parties in the case and then passing along all findings to her supervisor, who then presented Judi’s reports to the court. Says Ferry County CASA supervisor, Valerie MacIntyre, “Judi was always worried that I was bogged down with her case and always apologized for it. When in fact, she kept me so in the loop it was like I was the ‘ghost volunteer,’ and I was able to do what I needed to do in court factually.” In addition to being unstoppable, Judi is also tactful and graceful; she can delicately deliver difficult news and is greatly respected by the professionals she works with.

Read more about “Rock-Star Volunteer” Judi—and also find out more about Gloria Panitch, former WaCASA board member—at their blog, The CASA Comment.

We want to hear about your rock-star volunteers! Send the stories to us at blog@nationalcasa.org.

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