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The Values We Share

The Values We Share

Michael Piraino, CEO of National CASA

One of CASA for Children’s biggest supporters is the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation. The Child Welfare Foundation’s mandate is to help nonprofit organizations with projects that have a positive impact on children’s lives. I am proud that the American Legion considers CASA for Children a worthy cause, and I am grateful for their continued support.

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My First Mother’s Day

My First Mothers DayThis year more than ever, to hear “Mom” is just so special. After waiting for so many years, hearing those words will be the most special part of this Mother’s Day.

I’ve had a life rich with friends, a successful career and the support of family. But four years ago, when I hit 40, I decided that I wanted my own family.

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The Dollars and Sense of CASA Volunteers

The Dollars and Sense of CASA Volunteers

Michael Piraino, CEO of National CASA

CASA volunteers save hundreds of millions of dollars in child welfare costs alone. The annual survey of CASA programs shows that children with CASA volunteers spend 7.5 months less in foster care than children in the general foster care population. It costs the federal government $3,250 per month to keep a child in the foster care system. Every child with a CASA volunteer saves the taxpayer approximately $24,375 per year.

For the 240,000 children served by CASA volunteers in 2010, this represents a savings of $5.850 billion in unnecessary foster care costs.

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Four Things You Can Do to Help Children in 2012

Four Things You Can Do to Help Children in 2012It sure is hard to sort out what is happening in the economy this year. It’s up and then it’s down—maybe it’s moving sideways on some days—and the political discussion is not helping much. All I know is that too many people are out of work, and that is bad news for families and children. If you think the economic situation for adults is worrisome, consider these three facts:


  1. More than one in five American children now lives in poverty. (Source: US Census)
  2. Poverty is the single most significant predictor of child maltreatment. (Source: CLASP)
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The CASA Network’s Role in the “Beloved Community”

We are pleased to bring you a blog post from Tracy Evans, National CASA’s diversity manager.

The CASA Network’s Role in the “Beloved Community”Last year, about this time, I wrote briefly about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Beloved Community” for our website. In this “Beloved Community,” our society would be an integrated community of love and justice wherein brotherhood would be an actuality in all of social life. According to King, we are inevitably our brother’s keeper because we are our brother’s brother. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.

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