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Lifting Up Another Child’s Life

Guest blogger Shumeka Moore describes how her CASA volunteer, Kristal Wortham, supported her transition from foster care to college, and why she decided to become a volunteer with CASA for Children of (Washington) DC.


Lifting Up Another Childs Life

Shumeka, accompanied by her CASA volunteer and CASA DC Executive Director Richard Harris, is sworn in as a CASA volunteer by Judge Errol Arthur.

I came into foster care at the age of 17 by my own decision. I was pregnant and could no longer live with my baby’s father because his mother was demanding money from me that I did not have. My mother had neglected me in the past, and had recently started using drugs again. I had nowhere to go. My only option was to turn to child and family services, which I did.

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Unfair! What About Older Foster Youth and Their Families?

Unfair! What About Older Foster Youth and Their Families?Data doesn’t have to lie to ignore the truth.  In the case of the annual adoption and foster care report issued by the federal government, ignoring the full truth is unfair to foster youth.

Although all foster youth are waiting for a more permanent home, the phrase “waiting children” generally refers to those who are waiting for adoption.  In its annual AFCARS reports on foster care and adoption, the federal government refers to waiting children as those with a goal of adoption or whose parents’ rights have been terminated. But wait—youth 16 or older with a goal of “emancipation” are excluded. That’s a huge group who are written out. Nearly 21,000 foster youth have that goal and an even larger number end up there. I guess a family is no longer in the cards for those 16 year olds.

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Best Blog Posts of 2011 – Sharing Stories, Changing Lives

The National CASA blog launched in 2010, but it truly came to life in the past year. These are some of our favorite blog posts of 2011. (This list does not include posts by Michael Piraino, who had so many great pieces that we collected in a separate blog post.) Whether you’re reading these for the first time or you’re rereading them, we hope you enjoy them. Let us know your favorite blog posts in the comments, especially if there are posts that we didn’t include in this list.

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Best Blog Posts of 2011 – Michael Piraino

National CASA’s CEO, Michael Piraino, has written many powerful blog posts in 2011. As the year draws to a close, we wanted to highlight some of his most inspiring posts, both from this blog and from the Huffington Post, where he is a featured blogger.

Black History Month: History is Still Being Made

February 2, 2011

Best Blog Posts of 2011   Michael Piraino

Reproduction of a photograph depicting the Oberlin Rescuers at the Cuyahoga County Jail in April 1859. Image courtesy of the Ohio Historical Society.

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Vanessa Diffenbaugh: The Power of Stories

Editor’s note: we are very happy to bring you this guest blog post from best-selling author Vanessa Diffenbaugh. Her debut novel, The Language of Flowers, has been sold in over thirty translations and is the focus of National CASA’s first online book club. She is also the co-founder of Camellia Network, a non-profit working to provide material and emotional support to youth emancipating from the foster care system.


Vanessa Diffenbaugh: The Power of StoriesSpeaking at a graduate school class called The Art of Social Change at Harvard recently, I was asked an interesting question by an aspiring activist: “How do you go about creating a work of art that will spur a social movement?”

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